Mercury 2+

Designed for use in hazardous areas, rugged construction and intrinsically safe certification enable the Mercury 2+ to be used in Zone 0 (Div 1) locations. Mercury 2+ supports both Wiegand and Proximity Card Readers. This unit is available with keypad display only or in combination with one of our two card readers, Wiegand or Proximity. We offer a number of different standard keypad configurations as well as the option to customize your own for a small additional cost.

There are hundreds of solutions on the market for secured/carded access, but there are a few things that set separate Mercury out from the rest. Mercury 2+ terminals can be used outdoors as well as in. They are gauged to operate safely between temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C, making them a desirable option in all climates. And most important of all is the Mercury 2+ terminal’s intrinsically safe design.

The entire unit is powered through its communication hookup. This is made possible by the R507 Interface Module. This feature allows only a very small amount of current to be present in the terminal and correspondingly in your work area. This means that if natural gas, petroleum or chemical vapors, or any hostile or hazardous substances are present, they cannot be ignited by the Mercury 2+ Terminal. What intrinsically safe really boils down to is that safety does not have to be sacrificed for security.

Optional plug-ins are available as well for such applications as personnel access checking or batch recipe selection, including the high security Wiegand card reader (pictured below). Other card reader options available are the EM, Mifare and HID Proximity card readers (pictured left).

The new enhanced features of the Mercury 2+ include: 

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